Give all flood victims those affordable houses for free if you mean well – KARUA touches on a raw nerve as she challenges RUTO

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - NARC Kenya Leader Martha Karua has challenged President William Ruto's government on what it should do for Kenyans affected by the ongoing floods.

Karua asked the Head of State to give free houses to all Kenyans displaced by floods as well as those whose houses have been demolished by the government for sitting on riparian land.

"These affordable houses which are built with punitive taxes which are forcefully taken from us, and built on public land should be allocated for free to those displaced by the floods," she said.

She explained that this was the only way to resettle Kenyans who were living on riparian land.

The Azimio co-principal argued that it was unfair to demolish houses on riparian land, especially at such a time when most people have been displaced, lost property, and others have lost their lives due to flooding.

She further called out Ruto for offering Ksh10,000 to all families affected by the floods. Karua argued that it was not a substantial amount to help the families rebuild their lives.

"We have affordable houses across the country, let them resettled with our taxes as Kenyans. 

"We are pleading to you (President Ruto) to use our taxes to settle those who have been displaced and stop violence upon Kenya," she added.

Karua was speaking in Nairobi after 26 people were arrested and detained at the Pangani Police Station after holding protests along Juja Road.

The individuals arrested were protesting against the demolition of houses by the state for being on riparian land.

They were also protesting the untimely death of a 17-year-old who was killed in Mathare North by a bulldozer while demolishing houses.


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