Find the perfect match; work on the profile, decide on the goals and chat in random video chat

Find the perfect match; work on the profile, decide on the goals and chat in random video chat

According to 2022 statistics, more than 360 million people across the globe have used online dating services. This is a huge number, and it will likely increase in 2023.

Nonetheless, are all these users satisfied with online dating? No, not all of them!

Today, we will talk about why online dating does not often bring pleasure and the desired result, how to increase your chances of success, and how to generally improve your experience of using dating services. We are sure that some of the recommendations will be useful to you.

Our first piece of advice is that you shouldn't limit yourself to traditional web dating

Sometimes, the best recommendation for successful online dating is to ditch classic dating sites and apps. The fact is that many of them limit you severely. The “smart” algorithms for selecting the perfect match, which marketers love to praise so much, are actually not even close to being as effective as they say. Most importantly, the owners of dating services are not interested in you meeting your love as soon as possible which might make you leave the site forever. It is beneficial to them that you remain their client for as long as possible, pay for premium access, and bring them money.

If you want to get more freedom, but at the same time not spend too much money on rather controversial tools and features, we recommend that you consider an alternative dating format such as video chat with strangers. This is a convenient platform for those who want to meet new people without restrictions, see the interlocutor in front of them and hear their voice, and not just communicate in text chat.

We can name a few popular video chats with random people that you need to try:

    . HOLLA is a video chat with a bright and stylish interface that offers you gender and geographic filters. Also, it has a built-in real-time message translator for your convenience.

    . Mumu is a random online video chat that in some ways resembles a traditional dating app like Tinder because it has a swipe system as well. You can communicate via video or text chat; whichever you like best.

    . VChat is a minimalistic random video chat that is primitive in a sense. Recently, the activity on the site has been rather low, but you can still manage to meet and chat with an interesting interlocutor. You can try it because it might just work for you.

    . CooMeet is a popular video chat with random strangers that offers its users an error-free gender filter and a very handy built-in message translator. Also, on you can view short video stories like on Instagram. The CooMeet app can be used on iOS and Android for more convenient use purposes.

    . Chatspin is a classic random chat with a gender filter. Additionally, it has one interesting feature; support for A/I masks that hide your face online, thereby providing more confidentiality and anonymity.

    . Joi is a random video chat with a gender filter for smartphones. There are no flexible search settings, but many people do not need them.

    . Emeraldchat is a video chat where you can communicate face-to-face with strangers and in group chats. On this platform, each user has a karma rating, which directly determines who the system will connect you with.

The choice of video chats with random people in today's Internet space is really large. You will surely find a platform that will fully meet your requirements and wishes.

What about those who do not like the random video chat format for some reason? We are talking about those who prefer to get acquainted with more traditional platforms such as dating sites and apps. The next paragraph is for them!

Useful tips for those who prefer traditional dating

If you still want to use dating sites and apps, then you can increase your chances of success by following a few tips below.

1.   Work out your profile

An empty or half-empty profile is one of the main repulsive factors on dating sites and apps. If you haven’t indicated almost any information about yourself, it makes no sense to expect that offers to meet you will rain down. Most people ignore such profiles and don’t pay attention to them. Spend more time on the questions asked on your profile, tell more about yourself and your interests, add fresh photos, and make your profile informative and attractive.

2.   Define your intentions

The problem with many dating app users is that they don't know what they want. A lack of understanding of your own goals is a serious obstacle to a successful and promising dating experience. If you're really determined to find your love, don't be afraid or shy to put it on your profile. If you just want to pass a few hours of conversation without obligation, it is better to inform the interlocutor about this so as not to give them false hope. Set goals, and gradually, online dating will become much easier and more enjoyable for you.

3.   Always communicate via video before the first real meeting

You should not organize an offline date if you have only been texting each other. After all, you don't know what type of person is on the other side of the screen, how they actually look, etc. We recommend that you pre-arrange at least one video date, communicate via video, and know each other better. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations associated with deception and fake profiles. In addition, you will be able to get a clearer picture of the person you are talking to and make a decision about meeting them in real life or not.

One more thing!

Perhaps, the main advice that we want to give in the end is that you should not place a lot of high hopes on dating sites and apps. These are just tools that can be effective and completely useless at the same time.

Today, only about 17% of marriages in the world are the result of online dating. It doesn't have to be about traditional websites and apps. Millions of people meet in random video chats, on social networks, on various thematic forums, and so on. Therefore, it is definitely not worth overestimating the classic dating services.

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