Bishop MOSES TINGA OLE TURERE exposed as a notorious conman - Transact business with him at your own risk.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - A car dealer has exposed Bishop Moses Tinga Ole Turere, the founder of Global Worship Centre, after he defrauded him.

The disgruntled car dealer sold the bishop a Toyota Prado J150 worth Ksh 6.5 Million in 2019.

He is yet to pay the full amount 5 years down the line.

Check out the expose.

My name is GM, and I’m a car dealer in Nairobi. In November 2019, Bishop Moses Tinga Ole Turere Oloiboni bought a Toyota Prado J150 from our showroom for the price of Ksh 6,500,000.

Stanbic Bank financed the deposit and he promised to pay the balance of Ksh 2,043,000.

He gave us a title deed to act as surety, as well as post-dated cheques for the balance. That was in November 2019.

The cheques bounced twice and we stopped depositing them. The full payment for the car was supposed to be completed in 2020.

When l tried to follow up with Turere, he kept lying and taking me round in circles, with one excuse after another.

Turere sent me copies of letters and payment vouchers claiming that his company, Enchoro, had been awarded tenders, and used these as evidence to promise that he would pay me after receiving his payments.

Turere has been using the car since 2019, and the last payment he made towards the car was in October 2021.

Before that, his previous payment was in July 2020, more than a year before. Since 2021, the man of the cloth has taken me in circles, and l feel like the children of Israel who died before they saw the promised land, in this case, our payment.

It’s a shame that even the salesman who sold the car died before he could get a commission out of the sale. 

Turere has repeatedly lied to me that he will clear the debt since he incurred it in November 2019.

He has effectively reduced our company to begging and chasing after him to pay the balance of Ksh Ksh 1,543,000.00 that he owes.

Instead of settling the debt, he proceeded to rush to court on 16th May 2024 to stop me from repossessing the car.

I would like Turere exposed to the public so that Kenyans can know he is a dishonest individual, and his congregants will also be made aware of his actions.

The cheque that he issued and bounced was in the name of his church, Global Worship Centre. 

"We have the title deed for his land with us but we have no idea where the land is located or its true value, and even if we wanted to take possession, we can’t. We just have a piece of valueless paper.

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