EXPOSED: How TECNO Kenya colludes with rogue KRA officers to evade paying tax running into billions of shillings - KRA officers collect bribes every week at Cardinal Otunga Plaza.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - Fresh details have emerged over how rogue Kenya Revenue Authority officers have been colluding with Tecno Kenya to evade tax running into billions of shillings every year.

Like any other telco, Tecno which originates from China is supposed to pay numerous taxes before operating in Kenya and also for selling goods in Kenya.

However, according to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, Tecno Kenya has not been paying taxes since it opened offices at Cardinal Otunga Plaza in Nairobi.

Nyakundi said KRA officers, especially from the investigating section have been colluding with Tecno senior staff to evade tax and in return, they are paid a hefty bribe that has made KRA staff overnight millionaires.

Nyakundi said even KRA Director General Humphrey Wattanga is aware of the scandal since some of his men are beneficiaries of the Tecno loot.

The only reason why @KRACare can't name their officers that go to Tecno offices at Cardinal Otunga plaza every week to collect Private Tax is that the money goes to the top, top leadership of KRA. This is, This is, This is ECONOMIC TERRORISM,’ Nyakundi wrote on X ( formerly Twitter)


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