End of the road for con Pastor JAMES WANJOHI who has been in hiding as DCI finally ‘catches him’

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - Businessman and Pastor James Wanjohi finally presented himself to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for questioning after allegedly defrauding over 4,000 Kenyans of a staggering Sh600 million.

Wanjohi, who was linked to claims of visa fraud, presented himself to the Nairobi Regional Police headquarters voluntarily to provide their side of the story after going into hiding for weeks after detectives raided his office where the fraud allegedly took place.

His Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru said they met DCI officers and recorded statements regarding complaints raised against his client.

He denied fraud claims linked to his client saying they provided what they believe to be the true state of affairs regarding the matter.

"We have recorded the statement. Contrary to what has gone to the press before, my client has not been involved in whichever way in the manner the media has picked it up," Ndegwa said.

"We voluntarily came before the investigation officer to answer to those allegations and we have answered to those allegations count by count."

Wanjohi, through his lawyer, added that he does not run a recruitment agency as earlier claimed as he only offers a visa facilitation service.

"Contrary to what is in the public that our client was running a recruitment agency, the fact is our client runs a visa facilitation company," Ndegwa said.

"At no given time did my client run an employment bureau. This is business rivalry. All materials that are here are fictitious."

Ndegwa added that his client's business is a legitimate one and is still open to those seeking service contrary to the claim that it had closed doors.

While defending himself earlier, Wanjohi termed the allegations linking him as not only fictitious but also aimed at tarnishing his reputation and that of his company.

Wanjohi also clarified that he is no longer associated with a church mission; refuting claims of being a preacher insisting he abandoned it two years ago.


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