Doctor narrates how a man treated his cousin who kept refusing his advances

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - A medical doctor has revealed the extent a man went to get his (doctor's) cousin who rejected his advances.

He explained that the man went as far as getting married to the woman traditionally just so he could sleep with her.

Afterwards, he broke things off with her and said he only did the traditional wedding to sleep with her since she was playing ‘hard to get’.

The doctor wrote:

"There was this abroad guy that came back, did introduction and traditional marriage (with live band, buffet kitchen, canopy and all that) just to chop my hard-to-get cousin. My cousin nearly ran mad that year. Very beautiful girl wey no get wahala o."

He added: "After two weeks, he beat her up over a disagreement, told her he only did trad just to fuck her since she was forming hard to get when he was asking her out.

"Told her people he wasn't interested in the marriage anymore, that he wants the bride price back. Left her and traveled."

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