CCTV captures a machete-wielding gang stealing after raiding a shop in Ukunda at night - These boys are dangerous (VIDEO).

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - A trader is counting losses after a machete-wielding gang raided his shop in Ukunda at night and made away with several items.

In the footage, the ruthless thugs are seen ransacking the shop and putting te stolen items in sacks and bags while armed with machetes.

They were covering their faces with caps, marvins, and balaclavas.

The thugs belong to an organized criminal gang identified as 'Panga Boys'.

The gang is mostly composed of young men in their early 20s who easily kill when provoked.

They pounce by first striking their machetes against a hard surface to burst an ear-splitting sound, perhaps to announce their arrival and scare their targets.

The gangs have continued to unleash terror on residents, leaving some of the victims with life-threatening injuries.

On several occasions, the assailants have been caught on security cameras terrorizing residents who are relaxing in corridors, on the streets, and even inside cafeterias.

The gangs are well connected, with most of them enjoying funding and protection from drug barons who apparently hide behind powerful politicians.

Watch the footage.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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