Actress COURTENEY COX says MATTHEW PERRY still visits her 7 months after death

Monday, May 20, 2024 - Actress Courteney Cox has revealed that her late "Friends" co-star Matthew Perry still visits her, 7 months after his untimely death.

Appearing on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’, Cox said she's thankful to have worked so closely with Perry on the sitcom, where her character Monica Geller ends up with his character Chandler Bing. She added that they're still close to this very day as, "he visits me a lot, if we believe in that."

Cox further disclosed that her spirituality runs deep. According to her, she still engages in heartfelt conversations with her late mother, father and even Perry.

She said “I do sense, I sense Matthew’s around for sure”. She also described him as one of the funniest human beings in the world while he was still alive.

Matthew was found unresponsive in his jacuzzi last year, where he suffered an apparent drowning. His autopsy revealed he had been clean for 19 months, but his death was ruled an accidental OD from the acute effects of ketamine.

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