1000 Kenyan Police officers will arrive in HAITI in the next 3 weeks – RUTO tells the BBC as he continues to please WAZUNGU

Saturday, May 25, 2024 - President William Ruto has said his government is ready to deploy 1000 police officers to Haiti to help the Caribbean country battle with gangs that have taken over key government installations.

In an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Friday, Ruto said officers were expected to start arriving before the end of May but an advance team on the ground said some logistics were not ready hence the extension by two more weeks.

This means the latest they can arrive is June 15.

Apart from Kenya, other countries that will send officers to Haiti are; Chile, Jamaica, Grenada, Paraguay, Burundi, Chad, Nigeria, and Mauritius.

The 1000 police officers will come from the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), Anti Stock Theft Unit (ASTU), General Service Unit (GSU), and Border Patrol Unit (BPU).

This is a combat-trained team that officials say can handle the situation on the ground professionally.

They have undertaken training in various areas including language.


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