You won’t believe the horrible things TikTokers did at the home of BRIAN CHIRA during his burial – I forced elders to conduct rituals to cleanse entire community

Monday, April 29, 2024 - Kikuyu elders in Githunguri held a ritualistic cleansing function at the late Brian Chira's home.

The elders said the deceased's native home in Gathanje was soiled by the conduct of the TikTokers and other online personalities - some of whom were heavily intoxicated - who had gathered to bid farewell to one of their own.

This came after neighbours raised complaints over the nasty happenings in the village on March 26.

“We didn’t like the way they dressed, smoked, and drank alcohol in front of us. 

"They didn’t even respect the clergy. 

"They were disrespecting our Kikuyu traditions, and we’ve never seen that before. 

"They urinated everywhere. That’s not the way we were brought up,” one of the village elders was quoted.

Donning their traditional regalia and armed with placards, the elders chanted phrases as they cursed the supposed misbehaviour by Chira's friends at his burial.

Chira died last month through a road after a hit-and-run lorry knocked him dead along the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road.

According to the investigators, the deceased was in the company of a friend named Zeleck Momanyi at the time of the accident.

Chira had been ejected from the Ciero Resort at Gacharage after he allegedly caused chaos.

Zeleck offered to ferry Chira home after he requested him to do so.

They would ply the service lane toward Ruaka but on the wrong side.

Chira would later alight the motorcycle and ran to the main road, Zeleck unsuccessfully running after him.

He was hit by the foregoing white canter which did not stop.

The deceased's body was ferried to the City Mortuary as they started their probe.

The TikTokers raised Sh 8 million toward his send-off. 


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