We did NOT beat police officers and neither did we force them to kneel down - KDF now dismisses reports that they assaulted police officers

Friday April 19, 2024 - The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) on Thursday dismissed allegations that its soldiers assaulted police officers based in Lodwar.

In a statement dated April 18, KDF expressed its displeasure noting that joint investigations by relevant competent authorities had begun to establish the true facts.

According to KDF, the final outcome of the investigations will inform the next course of action.

The defense forces, who termed the move as demeaning, alleged that the arrest of its officers was intended to embarrass, humiliate, and create alarm.

KDF further noted that the incident, though localized and occurring at a tactical level, was of great concern to the entire KDF fraternity.

“Notably, it has so far been established that KDF soldiers neither, "assaulted" police officers nor, "stormed" the station as alleged,” read part of the statement by KDF.

"The exercise of professionalism and restraint by KDF troops operating in Lodwar is recognized and commended."

While addressing the allegations, KDF vowed to cooperate with other relevant authorities to enhance the delivery of security as mandated by the constitution.

The new developments come a day after soldiers linked to KDF were arrested by Lodwar police officers.

This was after allegedly slapping and disarming a traffic officer who was manning a roadblock. 


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