Watch the moment a member of the notorious Wakali Kwanza gang accosted a civilian with a machete in Mombasa, not knowing he was an armed undercover cop (VIDEO).

Wednesday, 3 April 2024 - A member of the notorious Wakali Kwanza gang that operates in Mombasa and its environs was cornered by an undercover cop during a foiled robbery attempt.

The suspected thug accosted the undercover cop who was dressed in a kanzu and brandished a machete, not knowing that he was armed with a pistol.

The cop pulled out his pistol and got hold of the gang member, forcing him to surrender.

The mention of the Wakali Kwanza gang has a hair-raising effect on Mombasa residents.

The gang comprises youth aged between 12 and 24, who are suspected of using drugs, especially before carrying out attacks.

The criminals keep on changing their tactics, catching security agents flatfooted in each ambush.

Watch the video.


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