The family of deceased Mombasa Engineer, KATA MATEMU, whose 2 wives published two separate obituaries, have started fighting for his wealth even before he is buried (LOOK).

Friday, April 26, 2024 - Renowned Mombasa engineer, Kata Matemu Kithyo, has been trending after his two wives, Prisca Mukethe and Agnes Murorunkwere, published two different obituaries on Daily Nation to mourn him and announce his death.

It is now emerging that the deceased engineer’s family is rocked in a dispute over his wealth even before he is buried.

According to Jackson Njeru who has been friends with the deceased, his brothers are trying to take control of his wealth.

They have reportedly sidelined his first family and children.

Matemu’s first family doesn’t know where his body is.

Matemu’s children from his first family have been kicked out of his hotels, homes, and farms.

 His brothers’ children have reportedly taken over his businesses.

Check out Jackson’s post.


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