Some rogue youth record themselves stealing pineapples at Del Monte Farm in Thika, where ruthless guards release dogs to maul intruders (VIDEO).

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 - A group of rogue youth invaded the expansive Del Monte farm in Thika and recorded themselves stealing pineapples, before posting the video on Tiktok to chase clout.

In the video, the suspected thieves are seen flaunting the stolen pineapples after plucking them and urging anyone interested in buying them to send a DM.

“We have finished plucking the pineapples. DM if you want,” they are heard saying in the video.

They invaded the farm to steal the pineapples despite recent cases where hundreds of intruders have lost their lives in the farm.

Suspected trespassers are mauled by Del Monte dogs while others are beaten and killed by the security guards.

It is worth noting that Delmonte Company has in the recent past been battling allegations of its guards beating to death and other times maiming people who trespass into their farms to steal pineapples.

Local and international Human rights groups have been at loggerheads with the company and have filed cases in court.

Watch video of the rogue youth who risked their lives by invading the farm to steal pineapples.

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