Shock as it emerges that RAILA’s Azimio demos contributed to the killing of 118 innocent people by the police last year

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - A recent report unveils troubling statistics regarding police killings.

The report which was released yesterday sheds light on the persisting issue of police impunity and citizens' rights denial in Kenya.

The "Missing Voices 2023 Report," compiled by both local and international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International Kenya, and the Kenyan group Missing Voices, shows a decrease in police-related fatalities in 2023 compared to the previous year.

However, concerns linger regarding the accountability of law enforcement and the protection of citizens.

According to the report, 118 individuals lost their lives at the hands of the police in 2023, marking a decrease of approximately nine percent from the 130 deaths recorded in 2022.

However, the number of people shot by police increased slightly, with 113 fatalities in 2023 compared to 111 in 2022. Two individuals died in police custody in 2023, down from three in 2022.

Data from the report indicates that July witnessed the highest number of police killings in 2023, with 32 recorded cases.

This figure surpasses the highest monthly tally of 28 recorded in January 2022.

Nairobi County emerged as the epicentre of police-related fatalities, with 46 deaths reported, significantly outnumbering the second-highest county, Kisumu, which recorded nine cases.

Of the total fatalities, nearly half occurred during crime-fighting operations, while 45 individuals lost their lives during Azimio demonstrations between March and July 2023.

These protests, aimed at addressing rising living costs, were marred by allegations of police brutality and sporadic violence.


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