SAKAJA reportedly swings both ways and has bought posh houses for his boyfriends and girlfriends! President Ruto has the file from the DCI - Details emerge.

Thursday, April 11, 2024 - Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has exposed Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja, for engaging in corruption.

According to Nyakundi, President Ruto has a file from DCI exposing how Sakaja has bought posh houses for his boyfriends and girlfriends using looted county funds.

Read his post below.

Nairobi City County is rotten. The biggest tragedy in Nairobi City County is that the leadership of the country has strategically disempowered the MCAs so that it’s the party leaders controlling the assembly.

Azimio now has the majority of MCAs and Sakaja sees them as useless as long as he can directly deal with Raila Odinga.

Sakaja sees Raila as the Super MCAs he needs. So now Sakaja uses MCAs Wilfred Odalo of Mabatini and Catherine Okoth (nominated 4 times and almost useless and illiterate) to give Raila an alternative reality in the assembly.

Raila has totally refused to meet the Azimio MCAs and only meets them when "maandamano" or party contributions are needed.

With Ruto, he has the complete DCI file of Sakaja’s corruption, including his purchasing houses for his girlfriends and boyfriends (Sakaja swings both ways) but he uses that to hold him to his side.

Now Sakaja is to be the UDA Chairman in Nairobi after previously gravitating towards ODM as his party of choice for the 2027 defence of his seat.

Ruto is also very scared of the Kikuyu takeover of Nairobi so Sakaja acts as a buffer in that.

But Sakaja is one of the most corrupt people. Osman (former South C MCA) strategizes his corruption and is his key enabler.

This is the man behind the wanton approval of developments without any regard for public participation or available supporting infrastructure.

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