SABINA MUTHEU gets rid of Bishop THEURI MAINA’s pregnancy as Theuri’s wife, Reverend RUTH WAMUYU, chases her away from church in front of congregants.

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - Upcoming Kamba singer Sabina Mutheu has reportedly gotten rid of Bishop Theuri Maina’s pregnancy.

According to a source at Victors Assembly Church which Bishop Theuri co-owns with his wife Reverend Ruth Wamuyu, Sabina turned up at the church located in downtown Nairobi on Wednesday.

She boldly attended a mid-week service and sat infront, despite Wamuyu warning her to never set foot in the church about two weeks ago after her scandal with Bishop Theuri was publicized.

Reverend Wamuyu chased her infront of the congregants and told her to look for another church.

She was reportedly bleeding after getting rid of the Bishop’s pregnancy.

“The girl came to church and Wamuyu alimkataa mbele ya kanisa. She said she is not her spiritual parent and should look another church. To make matters worse, the girl did ab()rt!on and she was really bleeding,” the source revealed.

It is alleged that Theuri has been secretly having an affair with Sabina for quite some time.

They have a two-year-old child.

His wife Reverend Wamuyu has been protecting him to avoid damaging his reputation and thriving church empire.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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