Go broke and know the type of woman you are married to - A lady divorces her husband 30 days after he lost his job (LOOK).

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - A woman has stirred conversation online after disclosing that she dumped her husband when he became jobless.

She dumped him 30 days after he lost his job.

 In a series of posts, she opened up about cheating on her jobless husband with his friend because he could no longer provide.

 She defended her decision, maintaining that she married a protector and a provider, not a man who would end up broke at some point.

She has since filed for divorce because, in her understanding, a man who can’t provide can’t lead.

As a man, there should never be a time that you can’t financially take care of your woman and kids. I’m standing firm on my decision, she said.

Check out her viral posts.

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