RUTO now brags of how he single-handedly bailed out PCEA Church from a huge debt - Bila mimi, PCEA would be no more

Wednesday April 10, 2024
 - President William Ruto has revealed how he helped to bail out the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) out of a crippling debt.

Speaking at PCEA's 24th General Assembly on Tuesday, the President explained that the church, through its former Moderator David Gathanju, approached his office seeking financial help to clear the burgeoning debt.

From the talks, it became apparent that urgent intervention was needed.

Ruto revealed that he subsequently organized for a friend to purchase a huge parcel of land at Ksh550 million that the church owned to repay the debt.

“When moderator Gathanju, came to my office a few years ago, we discussed issues related to the church, and we organised how we would pay the Church’s debts at the bank.”

“I even requested my friend, to purchase a plot of land for which he paid close to Ksh550 Million,” stated the President. 

Additionally, he maintained that he would continue to assist the church to clear the remaining debt.

Further, Ruto urged the Church to avoid taking up more debt and to spend within its means.

He also stated that he was working to ensure that his administration walks the talk and sets the country on a path of economic sustainability by spending prudently and avoiding taking unnecessary debt.

"My responsibility in this opportunity that God has given me as the President of Kenya is to ensure that I reduce the extent of debts in the country so that we can leave an inheritance to the future generations," explained the President. 

The President, however, urged the congregants to continue paying their dues to the church in the form of cess.

Cess is a form of payment that is levied on the faithful and remitted to the Church for the upkeep and maintenance of the Church.


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