MARTHA KARUA incites to soldier on with strike after RUTO said he won’t pay them a dime – LOOK!

Wednesday April 10, 2024
 - Narc Kenya Party Leader, Martha Karua, has lambasted President William Ruto over his recent remarks on the doctors' strike.

Ruto had earlier vowed never to add doctors any more money because the country had no money to pay the figures they are demanding.

“It is important for us to agree that we must live within our means.”

“We cannot continue to spend the money we do not have.”

“Our wage bill is 47 per cent of our revenue.”

“It should be 35 per cent according to the law.”

“So, we are way above.”

“We need a conversation so that those of us who earn salaries are responsible.”

“And we can reduce our wage bill so that we can free more resources to create jobs for our young people," Ruto said.

But in a rejoinder, Karua rubbished Ruto's remarks saying the Government was deliberately denying doctors their rights while misusing taxpayers' money on non-essential luxury items.

"At the heart of the strike is the plight of intern doctors who are being left to stay unposted and unemployed for over a year and for some seven years and when posted being grossly underpaid.”

“This is happening when our health facilities are seriously understaffed and under-equipped," Martha wrote on her X account.

The Azimio co-principal further criticized the Government saying it was unreasonable that they prioritised their comfort at the expense of Kenyans suffering from the ongoing strike which has entered its fourth week.

"It is unconscionable for the regime to continue splashing tax payers' money on no essential luxury items (motor vehicles, pavilions and fancy umbrellas to name but a few) to enhance a pampered life for a few, while neglecting to listen to the cried of doctors, citizens and indeed all health workers who serve the bulk of the population," she said.

"Our conclusion is that the lives of citizens do not matter to this regime and that their priority is their own comfort and that of select few. We condemn this in the strongest terms. Kenyans deserve better," she added.


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