Roads and Transport CS KIPCHUMBA MURKOMEN vows to install cameras on roads to curb road accidents

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has pledged to install cameras on highways amid growing concerns over the rise of road accidents.

Taking to his X account, Murkomen reminisced about a request he made to former Inspector General of the Kenya Police, David Mwole Kimaiyo, a decade ago.

"God works in amazing ways. This year I am going to have the honour of implementing this request I made 12 years ago to the IG Police before my election to the Senate," Murkomen shared.

12 years ago, Murkomen had expressed his concerns to Kimaiyo regarding road safety, advocating for the installation of cameras on highways as a preventative measure.

"My request to Kimaiyo is to install cameras on most of the highways. Kenyans fear court and police more than accidents," the CS wrote at the time.

Murkomen spoke hours after President William Ruto urged the National Transport and Safety Authority to expedite the rollout of instant fines on roads within 90 days.

"On instant fines, 90 days is too long to wait. Let us not wait," Ruto stated.


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  1. These are the problems of having a republic runned by imbeciles:

    These road accidents are due to:
    1) un road worthy bumps on our roads that meet no design codes but conform to imbecile baboons as this CS.
    2) Buses & Lorry drivers drive like maniacs zombies on our roads with none reflective reflector and indicators not working, yet the imbeciles baboon of the traffic road police and now the NTSA thieves on our road duplicating roles.
    3) All road have no signages and road marking to guide road users and one can't even drive at night and in fog condition.: shenzi sana, these baboon have been opening road without these in place.
    4) Road connection are so poor as this imbecile CS. It had been office all this time but potholes on all road connection as at Southern-by-pass and waiyaki road as an example - these baboon has not seen this all this time. All it thinks is cameras on our road.
    5) As these pimp baboon install his useless cameras addressing nothing: these cameras should be arresting the proboscis monkey with all its motocate - since they are the ones speeding and they are not above the traffic laws. If the proboscis monkey and it's motecate are not arrested and made to pay fines: then nobody should be fined for speeding!

    Problem of imbecile zombies running an abyss table banking o fuseless Kipsigis/marakwet/satani-kebens.