Why are RAILA ODINGA’s men obsessed with Kissing Women? Are they on a dry spell? - See SIFUNA's latest remark on CS NAKHUMICHA!

Monday, April 17, 2024 - Nairobi County Senator, Edwin Sifuna, has surprised Kenyans after he made an unpleasant remark at the Senate on Wednesday.

The incident happened when Sifuna claimed that the Senators were not asking Health CS Susan Nakhumicha direct questions but instead engaging in non-issues.

Nakhumicha had appeared before the Senate to respond to questions on the doctors' strike, among other issues affecting the health sector.

“We are not here to worship the CS. We are not here to give stories. Mr Speaker, we have a few minutes and this is a national debate.. we are not here to kiss people's behinds. 

"Limit the senators' questions and let them be direct,” Sifu said.

His remark caused a heated debate in the Senate with Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei interjecting Sifuna and asking him to withdraw his remarks.

“The Nairobi senator has had a habit of shouting at people. Have you noticed that he has been shouting and insulting people? It is becoming a gross misconduct. 

"He should be thrown out,” Cherargei said.

Cherargei said Senators have a right to ask questions.

“Why should you allow him to say we are kissing people’s behinds? Our kisses are for somewhere else Mr Speaker. We do not kiss anybody’s behind. 

"He must withdraw that statement... we know where to kiss. Can you call him out of order..” Cherargei said.

The Speaker was then forced to call the house to order and directed Senator Sifuna to withdraw his remark.

“Senator Sifuna, I would urge you to withdraw kissing whatever part of the body that you made so that we move on,” the speaker said.

However, Sifuna persistently repeated the words instead of withdrawing the remarks as he had been directed.

“I have the full range of vocabulary, I will withdraw kissing someone's behind and replace it with massaging the CS for health because that is what senators are doing,” he said.

Sifuna's uncouth remarks come a day after Speaker of Nairobi County, Ken Ng’ondi, was captured on camera forcing a Muslim woman to kiss him.

Sifuna and Ng’ondi are close allies of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


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