Pastor VICTOR KANYARI brags after receiving gifts worth over Ksh 400,000, days after joining Tiktok Live (VIDEO)

Friday, April 12, 2024
- Controversial city preacher Victor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministries is making a killing days after joining Tiktok live.

Kanyari bragged that he has received gifts worth over Ksh 400,000 since he started going live on Tiktok.

“I have made over KSh 400,000, which I have been given for free,” he said during a live stream session.

He claimed that he wanted to donate the entire amount to a children's home, citing it as an offering.

Kanyari further told his critics that he is not leaving TikTok any time soon.

“Do you want me to leave TikTok, and people are offering offerings? Do you want me to leave so you can remain on TikTok and get all the money alone? I am not leaving, “he said.

The rogue preacher added he was not on TikTok for the love of money but because he loved people and wanted to preach the gospel to the lost souls.

 “I am not here because of money. I am not here because I receive gifts. I am here because I love TikTok and want to pray for the sick and kids. There are people who are being oppressed by the devil, others have problems, and others are living abroad but have no joy. I am here to pray for those people,” he clarified.

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