Notorious scammer Kenyan Prince, who has been washing his hands with expensive liquor, exposed for living a fake life after his hired Benz was repossessed (VIDEO).


Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - Raymond Omosa alias Kenyan Prince has been displaying a lavish lifestyle on social media, even as it emerges that he is an online fraudster masquerading as a forex trader.

Kenyan Prince, who is popular on Tiktok, has been washing his hands with expensive liquor and flaunting high-end cars, which he claims to own.

However, it is now emerging that he hires the cars.

Popular Tiktoker, TruthWatchDog shared a video of a Mercedes Benz that Kenyan Prince has been claiming ownership of being repossessed.

The youthful scammer has been hiring expensive cars to fool his followers and lure gullible Kenyans to his con games.

He had been flaunting the Benz on his social media pages before it was repossessed.


Watch the video of the Benz being repossessed by an Indian car dealer.

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