No profession is more important than the other – Government Spokesman ISAAC MWAURA tells off striking Doctors.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - Government spokesman, Isaac Mwaura, has attacked striking doctors, accusing them of being selfish and thinking their professional is more important than others.

Speaking on Monday, Mwaura said intern doctors should be paid Sh 70,000 like interns from other sectors of the economy.

Doctors are, however, demanding that intern doctors be paid Sh 206,000.

But Mwaura faulted the doctors for exaggerating their profession over others.

He juxtaposed the medics with the Public Service Commission (PSC) interns who he argued are paid KSh 25,000 as a monthly stipend, further noting that a lawyer takes home KSh 15,000 in the course of their pupillage.

"All of the issues that have been addressed we have taken action as government; from where we stand we have fulfilled many of those requirements, but one of the things we cannot back down on is the issue of paying interns KSh 206,000.

It is unsustainable and no profession is more important than the other,” he said in a presser. 

“If you are an intern at the Public Service Commission, you are only paid KSh 25,000. 

"Lawyers who also take five to six years to be in class are paid only KSh 15,000 during pupillage," Mwaura said.


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