Ngong Racecourse: Kenyan Derby Action Happens Here

Ngong Racecourse: Kenyan Derby Action Happens Here

Horse racing is one of the most globally spread sports in the world. We can find traces of horse racing on the furthest points on the globe, which proves that it is one of the most popular sports nowadays.

We have Europe, which many people consider to be the birthplace of horse racing, particularly Great Britain. Additionally, we have North America, where horse racing is booming in popularity. The situation is pretty much the same in South America, Australia, and Asia.

Africa isn’t left out of the party. This is a place where horse racing also shares a long history, and at the moment, many African countries are investing a lot of money in promoting horse racing events.

In this case, we have Ngong Racecourse, which is one of the most popular ones on the continent. This racecourse is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and it is currently the only thoroughbred racing venue in Kenya.

It is located along Ngong Road, next to the Nairobi Business Park, and there are more than 25 official race meetings every year with the Kenya Derby getting the sweet spot on the top.

Evolution of Ngong Racecourse:

Ngong Racecourse traces its origins to the early 1950s (1954 to be exact), when it was built to provide a platform for equestrian sports and entertainment. Over the years, it has evolved into a premier racing destination, attracting top-notch talent and avid spectators.

Horse racing as a sport was present in Kenya way before the Nhong Racecourse. We can spot the first traces of Somali ponies’ races that took place in the early 1900s.

Some people believe that the horse racing culture in Kenya was introduced in Malindi when the Sheikh of Malindi, and Sheikh al-Bauri organized a horse racing event to entertain Portuguese Explorer, Vasco de Gama in 1498.

Since then, the horse racing culture in Kenya evolved, and now they also have high-class thoroughbred races.

The racecourse has been home to numerous historic events, including the inaugural Kenyan Derby in 1959, which marked a milestone in Kenyan racing history. A fun fact that most people didn’t know about is that the Ngong Racecourse wasn’t the first home of the Kenyan Derby. In fact, the Kenyan Derby shares a much longer history that goes back to 1914.

But after the building of a premier horse racing club like Ngong Racecourse, it instantly became the home of Kenya’s most prestigious race.

Premier Racing Events

This isn’t your average racecourse. It isn’t like Churchill Downs in USA, firstly just because it has a turf track instead of sand, and its home to the most surprising things that you’d thought you’d never witness.

The Ngong Racecourse is used for cross-country running competitions like the Safari Rally, and it is also been used for Ostrich racing. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Instead of thoroughbred horses, you’ll get Ostriches, which I assume is pretty fun to watch.

Throughout the year, Ngong Racecourse presents a wide range of racing events that highlight the top talent from Kenya and throughout the world. Every event, from sprint races to endurance trials, brings a unique passion and energy to the track.

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Biggest Horse Racing Events on Ngong Racecourse in Kenya

There is no doubt that the main event of the Ngong Racecourse is the Kenyan Derby. If you are interested in attending this event, you’ll have to wait until next year since the race takes place on 21 April.

This year, Deon won the Kenya Derby, and it was an incredible race full of fast horses.

Just because of the scale of this event, many tourists come to Kenya to witness some top-level racing.

During the Kenyan Derby, there are several other races that take place on the same date, such as:

·         The Lord McMillan Trophy

·         The King’s Messenger Handicap

·         The Ring Leader Handicap

·         The Royal Folly Handicap

·         The Mervyn Ridley Cup

Ngong Racecourse also hosts international racing events, welcoming horses and participants from across the globe. These races not only add diversity to the racing scene but also promote cultural exchange and camaraderie among racing enthusiasts.

Cultural Significance

Beyond the thrill of racing, Ngong Racecourse holds immense cultural significance for the local community and beyond. It serves as a gathering place where traditions, festivities, and sporting excellence converge.

Cultural Elements

The racecourse is a venue for traditional celebrations, with events like cultural festivals, music performances, and food fairs adding a vibrant touch to the racing experience.

Ngong Racecourse actively engages with the community, hosting outreach programs, charity events, and educational workshops to promote inclusivity and social impact.

Attendance and Fanbase

Ngong Racecourse has an enduring charm that draws a broad range of generations of fans. The races attract families, visitors, and anyone looking for a distinctive athletic and entertainment experience in addition to die-hard racing fans.

Attendance at major racing events, including the Kenyan Derby and international races, soars as thousands of people swarm the racecourse to experience the thrills firsthand.

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