A lady narrates how the man who killed RITA WAENI tried to lure her outside St Paul’s University as more details about him flow in (LOOK).

Monday, April 22, 2024 - A lady has shared more details about the man suspected to have killed the late University lady Rita Waeni at an Airbnb along TRM Drive in January this year and dismembered her body.

The lady, who shared information with blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, claims she met the suspected murderer outside St Paul’s University.

He tried to lure her but she noticed he had so many red flags.

I met him outside St Pauls University and there were very many red flags. He was so nice and I doubted him. I just told him I fear Nigerians. I thought he wanted to con me didn't know he's a killer,’’ the source revealed.

He reportedly had a Nigerian accent and hung around the University for three days.

The accent was of a Nigerian. I asked for his FB name since he used to come around the school akasema ako na account mingi. I really wanted to know more about him

"He hung around for 3 days and had no company and since then, I have never seen him again.  

"The last day he said I seem to be a very mean girl,’’ the source added.

He also refused to give her his phone number and social media accounts.

He claimed he doesn’t have a phone and only uses a laptop.

He also refused to give me his number. Had no phone and said he uses his laptop that's why I asked for his FB name or even Twitter still said he has many accounts. 

"I gave him my names and he never texted me. 

"I was very inquisitive and he was not comfortable with my questions,’’ the source further revealed.

When she inquired about his roots, the cheeky man told her that he had been living with his uncle at Ilorin in Nigeria but claimed to be Ghanaian.

“I asked him how he got into the country akasema he has a God-father here. 

"He said he is also a student. Asked about his house akaniambia he lives with a friend.  

"I sensed lots of red flags in him,’’ the source further said.

"He also told her that he knows some good rooms in Kasarani where they can meet.

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