Forget NAKHUMICHA Mr. President, she can't help you - KHALWALE now names 4 people that RUTO needs to end the doctors’ strike

Wednesday April 10, 2024
 - Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has requested President William Ruto to invite him to State House to brainstorm over the ongoing doctors' strike. 

In a statement to Kenyans, Khalwale named three other people that he wants to join him in the conversation, citing their experience in the health sector. 

According to Khalwale, the ongoing doctors’ strike is a looming disaster in the making and needs to be solved immediately. 

Terming him as one of the most brilliant medical minds in Kenya, Khalwale fronted Raila Odinga’s ally and Seme MP Dr James Nyikal, who is the former director of Medical Services as a person who deserves to sit in that meeting.

“He was my lecturer at the University of Nairobi,” Khalwale noted.  

The lawmaker further fronted Endebess Constituency MP, Robert Pukose, a former medical superintendent, and the Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth as persons who can generate brilliant ideas on the best way to approach the strike. 

“I'm persuaded that if State House invites us for a brainstorming session accompanied by our combined medico-political experience, we will in absolute good faith, inform the way forward,” he stated. 

As the health sector paralysis rages on, Kenyans living along the border have opted to seek medical services from hospitals in the neighbouring countries of Tanzania and Uganda.

According to a report released in March, the number of Kenyans admitted in Rombo and Longido, both in Tanzania rose by a noticeable margin. 

The ongoing doctors' strike has so far cost both sides a lot.

Several deaths have been reported resulting from a lack of attendees in hospitals around the country. 


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