Man insists all guests at his house must do the dishes after eating

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
 – A man has insisted that anyone who visits his home and is served food must do the dishes after eating.

He made this clear while listing his house rules

He wrote: "If you are the type that can’t aim straight, and end up peeing on my toilet seat, better drag up tissue paper and wipe it clean afterwards.

"If I serve you food, and you don’t do your dishes afterwards, leaving them for myself or wife, best believe it’s the last time you eating in my house.

"If you come with body odor, please take it back with you when leaving.

"If you’ve been exposed to bedbugs, stay at the door please."

His second point was not well received by many X users and they asked why a guest should be expected to do the dishes after eating.

However, the man stood his ground as insisted it's his house rule.

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