KHALIF KAIRO’s girlfriend, CERA IMANI’s past haunts her as a video of her entertaining a ‘mbaba’ in a popular Nairobi Club goes viral - She belongs to the streets (WATCH)

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - Khalif Kairo’s girlfriend, Cera Imani, has been the subject of discussion on social media, especially on the X platform, as nosy Kenyans continue to dig into her past.

Kairo introduced Cera to his family about two weeks ago and revealed that he is planning to marry her.

His wedding plans with Cera have unsettled a section of social media users, prompting them to embarrass her by digging into her past.

A video of her entertaining a man in a popular Nairobi nightclub has since gone viral and sparked a lot of reactions.

She was busy twerking for the unidentified man as they enjoyed a night out.

However, Kairo has defended Cera and said everyone has a past, even as netizens continue to embarrass her.

Taking to his X account, the flamboyant car dealer wrote “Everybody has a past, even your own mother dated someone else before meeting your father. Critical thing is ignoring what has passed and focusing on the future”.

Watch the trending video.


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