KDF Special Forces sent to Elgeyo Marakwet to search for criminals who stole items belonging to dying KDF soldiers after the chopper crash

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - The Kenya military has sent its Special Forces Unit to Elgeyo Marakwet County to look for inglorious miscreants who stole items belonging to KDF soldiers who died after their chopper crashed last Thursday.

The chopper crashed killing Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla and nine other KDF soldiers.

KDF special forces have already landed at the scene of the crime to recover the lost items.

According to officers, some of the valuables include watches, mobile phones, and shoes believed to have been taken by first responders to the scene.

By yesterday, some of the mobile phones were still being switched on and off, suggesting that those keeping them were wary of being tracked down for handling stolen property.

General Ogolla’s family said the only thing that was handed over to them by the military from the site was his wedding ring.

Some of the bodies were intact when they were picked from the scene while others were burnt following the crash that happened soon after the chopper had taken off.  

“Some of these people are walking around with the valuables including mobile phones and shoes of the victims,” said an official, adding, the items are needed as part of the ongoing probe.

The team has contacted local leaders to help in talking to the said responders who are yet to surrender the valuables.


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