JUSTIN BIEBER kisses JADEN SMITH on the neck during affectionate Coachella encounter (VIDEO)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
 – Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith shared an affectionate moment during an epic run-in at Coachella on Saturday, April 13.

The Sorry singer, 29, and the Karate Kid actor, 25, who were last spotted together at a Beverly Hills dinner in January, met in a VIP area next to one of the concert stages, as seen in a viral video.

Jaden wrapped Justin Bieber in a hug from behind while rocking his hips from side to side against the singer's backside.

Justin then turned and kissed Jaden's neck before engaging in a lively conversation with him and other mutual friends.

The video has received mixed reactions, with viewers questioning how appropriate the gesture is.

The superstars' bond goes back to 2010 when they collaborated on Justin's hit Never Say Never — which was also the theme song for Jaden's movie The Karate Kid.

Watch the video of their latest encounter below.

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