JOE BIDEN accuses RUTO and his men of demanding bribes from US investors to secure tenders – UHURU had warned Kenyans

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - The United States government has accused senior officials from President William Ruto’s government of demanding bribes from US investors who apply for tenders in Kenya.

In a statement issued by U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai, she noted that U.S. firms have had very limited success bidding on Kenyan government tenders, with corruption being a significant concern.

“Many of these tenders are challenged in the courts. Foreign firms, some without proven track records, have won government contracts when partnered with well-connected Kenyan firms or individuals,” the report says.

Tai says U.S. firms have expressed concerns about the Kenyan government’s procurement system IFMIS, citing insufficient connectivity and technical capacity in county government offices.

American companies have also described Kenyan county government officials as apathetic, adding that there are central control shutdowns and security gaps that render IFMIS vulnerable to manipulation and hacking.


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