JENNA JAMESON's wife files for divorce after less than a year of marriage

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
 – Former adult star, Jenna Jameson's wife, Jessi Lawless has filed for divorce after less than a year of marriage.

Announcing their divorce on social media, Jessi blamed her decision on Jenna's alleged drinking. She said she had Jenna on a tight leash ever since they got hitched when it came to booze. She said it was a hard-line issue for her from the get-go and Jenna recently got away from home and went to Chicago. Jessi disclosed that she found out that Jenna was drinking.

She revealed that when she confronted Jenna about this, she tried to deny it but came clean after she told her she had pictures to prove it (she didn't).

Jessi claimed Jenna leaned into it and said she wasn't sorry and that she wasn't going to let go of the habit, which was the last straw for her. She said she's technically filing for an annulment of their marriage, which shouldn't take long.

Jenna and Jessi tied the knot in May of 2023 and they don't have any kids together. Jenna's been married twice before and has children from her previous relationships.

Jenna has been very public with her alcohol addiction as well as her sobriety journey, which before now was seemingly going strong for years. 

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