It is time to deal with these fools firmly and squarely – RUTO deploys military to West Pokot

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - President William Ruto is now fed up and has moved to rein in banditry in West Pokot, insisting that it was unacceptable that some schools in the region had remained closed due to increased insecurity. 

As such, he ordered immediate deployment of the military with soldiers set to begin an operation in the region within the week. 

"You have said that there are five schools in the area that are closed, I want to direct today while in West Pokot, in the next two days, the military will be here," he directed. 

According to Ruto, the military would be deployed to ensure the schools are rebuilt and reopened as well as ensure the safety of students once schools open for term three.

The President remarked that it was a shame that West Pokot was embroiled in banditry and cattle rustling at a time when the rest of the country was moving forward. 

"You have seen that our Nairobi Stock Exchange has moved from the worst stock exchange to the best in the world, but here you are engaged in stock theft," he challenged West Pokot residents referencing the perennial cattle rustling in the region.

Once the army had secured the region, Ruto asked West Pokot residents to make sure that they sent their children to schools.

This was the second time in his presidency that Ruto was deploying the military to the troubled North Rift.

The first order was made on February 2023, where Ruto ordered a joint Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and police security operation in all bandit-prone areas. 


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