Investing in European Citizenship: Malta and Greece Pathways for 2024

Investing in European Citizenship: Malta and Greece Pathways for 2024

Living in a beautiful country that is part of the European Union is the dream of millions of people all over the planet. Such countries are constantly developing, offering excellent living conditions and high levels of remuneration. Popular destinations for migration in 2024 are Malta and Greece. If you decide to get European citizenship, you should know it will not be an easy pathway, but it is quite realistic.

Malta Citizenship Program for 2024

There are several pathways to obtaining Maltese nationality: the birth of a child, marriage to a citizen of the country, and family ties. However, there is another option that few people know about - in 2024, it is possible to obtain Malta citizenship in return for investment. This residence permit program provides advantages for each party: the foreigner gets the cherished right to live in this country, and Malta receives investments and development of its economy.

To obtain Malta citizenship, you must go through a very difficult and not quick process. You need to be ready to invest more than 600,000 euros in the economy of this country and spend from 12 months to 36 months. It all depends on which investment option you choose.

Main Benefits of Maltese Citizenship

The benefits and strength of the Maltese passport are what attract thousands of people from all over the world to take advantage of the Malta citizenship program. People who have obtained a new passport and have lived in this country for a number of years mainly mention such pros:

       European standard of living.

       High-quality medicine.

       Developed infrastructure.

       Ideal weather for living and recreation.

       Free access to the labor market and high wages.

       Opportunity to visit almost any country in the world without the need to apply for visas.

Greece Pathway to Citizenship Through Investment

Generally, Greek citizenship is possible on the following grounds: origin, family ties, and joining the Armed Forces of the country. What to do if you are an ordinary foreigner who wants to get legal permission to live in a country of the European Union? For many people, it will be a revelation, but today, it is possible to obtain European citizenship through investment.

Your investment in the country can be a good reason to obtain a residence permit and then become the basis for Greek citizenship. Non-EU citizens who have a positive impact on the Greek economy can obtain a residence permit for 5 or 10 years, depending on the nature of the investment. The Greece Golden Visa implies a deposit of 250,000 EUR or more must be made in:

       A registered company in Greece.

       A joint stock company.

       Government bonds.

       Credit institution (one-year deposit with permanent renewal).

       A real estate investment company.

What are the Benefits of Greek Citizenship?

Greek citizenship gives its holder access to the same rights and freedoms as the native population of the Republic. Among the advantages of obtaining this status and obtaining a passport are:

       Election law.

       Consular protection abroad.

       Ability to live and work in EU countries without time restrictions.

       Free access to European education and medicine.

       Social protection.

       Visa-free or simplified entry to 190 countries.

As noted by the expert of Immigrant Invest company Vladlena Baranova, the Greece Golden Visa is considered one of the most accessible and cheapest programs for obtaining European citizenship through investment.

Comparing Malta and Greece Investment Citizenship

Malta and Greece are two great countries that are part of the European Union, characterized by beautiful nature, warm weather, and many more benefits of living in these countries. But when it comes to choosing one country between these two options, many people are stumped. We have prepared for you a comparison of Maltese and Greece citizenship by investment 2024 to make it easier for you to make this choice.



The investment amount starts at 690 thousand euros but often goes up to 1 million.

To avail of the Greece Golden Visa, you need to purchase real estate or other assets worth 250 thousand euros and more.

You need to live in the country for 1 to 3 years to eventually get a new passport.

You have to live more than a year in temporary residency status to get citizenship.

You can move your entire family into the country.

The Greece Golden Visa implies that all members of your family are granted permanent residency.

Applicants need to know the national language at least at an intermediate level.

There are no additional requirements for applicants.

According to specialists of the Immigrant Invest agency, the majority of people prefer to obtain Greek citizenship. This is not surprising, as the amount of investment required in this option is half as much as investment in Malta.


Whichever of the above pathways you choose, you get European citizenship and many privileges and benefits. Malta and Greece are quite safe countries to live in, where you can build a happy life and career. European citizenship through investment turns many people's dreams into reality after a short period.

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