I contemplated taking my own life and that of my child - Actress JACKIE MATUBIA reveals how her first marriage with local pilot, Captain Nyogz, left her depressed.

Thursday, 4 April 2024 - Seasoned Actress and Content Creator, Jackie Matubia alias Jolene, has opened up on how her first marriage almost led her to suicide.

Speaking in a candid interview, Jolene revealed that her troubled marriage with Captain Nyogz, a local pilot, almost made her take her own life and her daughter’s life.

Her marriage was marred with infidelity and constant bullying from her ex-husband’s relatives.

She recalled a time she confronted her ex-husband in an entertainment joint and fought him after attending a friend’s traditional marriage ceremony over infidelity.

People would photograph her husband cheating and send her the photos.

I used to receive messages and photos of ladies who were with my husband,” she said.

“There is a day I took medicine held my child and wanted to take our lives away because of bullying,” Jackie said as she broke down.

Jolene has vowed that she will never get married or date again after being heartbroken by her former lovers.

She is only focused on giving her two daughters the best life.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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