Hype man BALLO’s family accuses the court of discriminating against him because he is poor and doesn’t have money like DJ JOE MFALME

Wednesday, April 10,2024
- The family of DJ Joe Mfalme’s hype man, Allan Ochieng alias Ballo, has protested after their kin was charged with the murder of Kabete DCI officer, Felix Kelian, while five of his accomplices led by the DJ were set free last week.

Ochieng, who is said to have been with DJ Mfalme on that fateful night, was accused by the Director of Public Prosecutions of killing the DCI office during an altercation in Kikuyu.

The prosecution mysteriously absolved the five and turned them into state witnesses and charged Hype Ballo with murder.

Now speaking with the media, a relative of Ballo wondered why the rest were set free and only Ochieng was charged with murder.

The guardian accused the court and prosecution of discriminating against Ballo because he doesn’t have money and is not popular like his accomplices.

"I want to issue my condolences to the family of the deceased.”

“But I am afraid we may not get justice.”

“We have already seen misleading themes in this court, we have seen we are being discriminated against.”

“Allan is someone who was raised by the society. We are being discriminated against because we are poor, and not popular," she said.

She further denied claims that Ballo was a bouncer and added that many people knew him as an MC.

 "How is it today that he is a bouncer?”

“The constitution says you are not guilty until proven, why was he separated from the rest and taken to a different cell?”

“I want to say that I know my rights.”

“I got here hoping to see him in court then I heard he had been taken somewhere else.”

“I am asking and no one is telling me.”

“It pains me and it is clear here there is a crime, but as his family, we will not be silent," she added.


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