How LOISE MAKENA dated both Kilifi Governor GIDEON MUNG’ARO and area MP OWEN BAYA even as MUNG’ARO licks wounds after she vanished with Sh 200 million.

Friday, April 5, 2024 - Kilifi North Member of Parliament Owen Baya has been linked to the fallout between Governor Gideon Mung’aro and his long-time mistress, Loise Makena, as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) probes shady tender deals in Kilifi County.

According to reports, Makena vanished with millions of shillings, approximately Ksh. 200 million, which she held in trust on behalf of Mung’aro.

She has also left Mung’aro nursing the pain of losing properties he had bought but registered under her name.

These funds and assets were acquired from the proceeds of dubious tender deals at the county.

Makena is a surveyor by profession and first met with Mung’aro when he was serving as the Cabinet Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Lands.

She is an aggressive wheeler-dealer and tenderpreneur, an attribute that made Mung’aro fall in love with her as the two would later get into dubious deals at the ministry.

When Mung’aro declared interest in the Kilifi County top seat, Makena moved with him and sat at the helm of the campaign activities and programming.

Makena was responsible for identifying and bringing on board companies, suppliers, and partners to help the governor swindle public coffers either through ghost supplies, commissions on approved tenders, fraudulent contracts or dubious partnerships.

It is through this that she met Owen Baya, who owns several companies for general supplies.

Word on the streets is that she secretly developed a very cordial relationship with him that slowly turned romantic while simultaneously maintaining her ties with Mung’aro, all for the sake of money.

 A multi-million tender deal brought the three together for business. The tender CGK/ MM/OT/027/2023/2024 for the Provision of Garbage Collection and Disposal in Malindi town is the elephant in the room.

 During the last financial year, the tender was awarded at Ksh. 35 million, but this time it has shockingly been set at Ksh. 83 million and is supposed to be awarded to Jickram Investment, which is a proxy company run by Makena.

It is expected that the extra Ksh. 50 million as proceeds from the tender will be shared amongst Makena, Mung’aro, and Owen Baya.

However, EACC is now investigating the garbage tender following a public complaint that the company awarded does not have the requisite documents and has no capacity or experience in garbage collection.

Shockingly, Chapter Suppliers Ltd, which was the lowest bidder, was locked out during the process. All the above companies, except Jickram, have the capacity and experience in garbage collection in Coast Counties but were ignored.

The whole looting spree has now come back to haunt Mung’aro, who, apart from trying to run from the EACC troubles, is now nursing the wounds of losing all the loot he has accumulated since taking over office, with Baya now enjoying the golden fruits.

It has also emerged that his efforts to lure back the love of his life, Makena, have not been successful.

However, he does not want the matter to go public, as this could only get him in more trouble with Anti-Corruption agencies. This is the weapon Makena is using to blackmail him and threaten dire consequences if he insists on having his money back.

Meanwhile, Makena and Baya are basking in millions and tightening their love affair as they plot the next move in the tender world.

 Baya, the Deputy Majority Leader, has also made inroads in state departments. With Makena's help, he is expected to loot more than he can chew.

Astonishingly, Mung’aro has been engaging Baya to lure back Makena since he believed that Baya was Makena's close business associate and nothing more.

At the same time, Makena has to balance business, her love for money, her affair with Baya, and another unknown boyfriend, even as she runs away from the traps being set up by her ex-lover, Gideon Mung’aro.

The MCAs who are aware of the happenings are happy that the governor has been taught a painful lesson. "Boychild kimemuramba and deserves it," a jubilant MCA stated. 

"A man who trusts a slay queen more than his wife or even brother deserves it," another MCA said.

By Cyprian Nyakundi.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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