How can someone with KCSE mean grade of C+ do medicine? - MOSES KURIA hints at reducing medical students based on grades

Friday, April 26, 2024 - In what could be a big blow to Secondary School students planning to join the lucrative medical career, Public Service Performance Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria, has hinted at putting brakes on the number of Kenyan students joining medical schools.

In an interview with one of the local TV stations, Kuria said he was shocked to see a student with a KCSE mean grade of C+ joining a university to do medicine.

Kuria also said he was shocked to see many universities teaching medicine, saying this has resulted in the infiltration of fake degrees and the rise of quack doctors in the country.

"Right now, people are going to all sorts of universities doing this medicine. I am sure some people are going with even a C+ to do medicine, and I, the unfortunate guy irrespective of where they want, have to be the one to give them an internship," Kuria lamented.

The CS further alleged that the high number of doctors with low qualifications was making budgeting of civil servants' salaries problematic.

"Among the people with fake degrees, some of them are doctors. I wanted to publish all the 2100 civil servants with fake degrees but I was told there can be a legal issue," Kuria said.


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