Hope at last as RAILA asks Kenyans to fundraise for flood victims following RUTO’s reluctance to help – Look!

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 - Azimio Leader Raila Odinga has asked Kenyans of goodwill to contribute towards households affected by floods. 

This is even as President William Ruto’s government is dragging its feet towards helping the victims.

In a statement, Raila regretted that the floods had caused untold destruction with a far-reaching and long-lasting negative impact.

While rallying Kenyans, Raila stated that already hundreds of thousands of flood victims would be facing enormous challenges in the weeks, months, and even years ahead. 

In a message to all those affected, Raila stated that he hoped that relevant authorities would restore normalcy within the shortest time possible. 

“Within our own networks, we have reached out to mobilize support which we shall shortly be delivering to the affected,” Raila stated.

The former Prime Minister added that several Azimio-affiliated politicians had already started holding fundraisers and stated his team would support the leaders within their capacities. 

“We are also encouraging our networks to feel free to contribute to the national relief efforts, particularly through the Red Cross or other accountable organizations that are providing assistance,” the Azimio leader urged Kenyans. 

Raila further promised those affected that Azimio leaders would do everything possible to mobilise and offer as much as they could to help. 

Faulting the government, Raila stated that the floods had exposed the nation’s failure to plan for extreme weather and climate changes.

This was through underinvestment in infrastructure and social welfare across the country. 

Raila urged President William Ruto’s administration to be proactive when dealing with the tragedy. 

He further asked the Executive to clear confusion in the delegation of duties as well as end duplication and competition within its ranks.

According to Raila, these measures will create clarity over roles and responsibilities in the response and incident management system.


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