Here are three wishes that General OGOLLA wanted to be fulfilled once he meets his maker

Sunday, April 21, 2024 - The late Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla had three wishes he wanted fulfilled when he died.

According to his sister Peris Onyango, General Ogolla always reminded her of his three wishes whenever he visited him.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Ogolla in Ng’iya village, Alego Usonga sub-county in Siaya County on Sunday, Onyango said his brother reminded him that a soldier could die anytime.

“He told me a soldier can die anytime. So he said, If I die, I want to be buried within 48 hours but I said what do you mean? He said, I know you will give them problems, so I am adding you more hours. Let it be 72 hours,” she said.

Onyango further revealed that Ogolla took her to the site at his home where we wanted to be buried.

“He told me this is where I want to be buried,” she said.

She further revealed that Ogolla’s third wish was for his wife Aileen to go on holiday when he dies.

“He said jeshi (army) should give mama Achieng’ money to go on holiday. Jeshi, you have work to do now,” she added.

Onyango further said Ogolla was the favourite child in the family.

“He was a special child in our family. Mother loved him more than us. We were beaten for small mistakes but he was never touched,” she added.

Onyango described his brother as a kind, loyal, and dedicated man who did everything to perfection.

“He was a servant leader who walked the talk and did the best in his Christian life,” she added.

Ogolla died in a chopper crash in Elgeyo Marakwet on Thursday. Nine other KDF soldiers also died in the accident.


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