GACHAGUA now reveals the real ‘shareholders’ who will be given passports first before anybody else immediately government acquires new passport machines

Monday, April 8, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has revealed a lack of efficient equipment had caused the delay in the issuance of passports.

While speaking in Rwanda, Gachagua announced in 45 days the government will have procured a new printer which will see the number of passports processed double.

He noted that when the equipment is secured, students will be given priority. Gachagua explained that this will guarantee that more students get a fair chance to study and work abroad.

"We are going to give students priority so that they can be able to process their Visa," he stated.

He further added that within one year, the backlog in issuance of passports will have been cleared.

The Second in Command emphasised that the government was working to acquire this modern equipment which will see to it that students who are pursuing studies abroad complete their studies with minimal hitches.

Gachagua was responding to Kenyans living in Rwanda during an interactive section. 

One of the Kenyans from Tharaka Nithi raised concerns about the delayed issuance.

"We have an issue as students who applied for passports back in Kenya, I for example applied in September last year but I have been surviving with a permit, and with this I cannot get a visa exceeding three months," the student remarked.

The student called upon the DP to intervene since several students in Rwanda were struggling to get their passports.

In response, Gachagua added that the government was working on foolproof passports due to the increase in cybercrime both within Kenya and globally.

"We need new equipment to achieve this, we have been having a problem with the current equipment which keeps breaking down so there has been a delay," he added.

Gachagua's announcement came a few days after Immigration Principal Secretary Julius Bitok announced that the government has installed two fully equipped halls at Nyayo House to expedite the processing of passports.


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