We cannot guarantee the safety of Kenyan police in Haiti - Special Council for Haiti now tells RUTO the naked truth

Wednesday April 10, 2024
 - President William Ruto has been warned one last time to think carefully before deploying Kenya police to Haiti.

The warning was delivered by the special council appointed to oversee a 22-month transitional government in Haiti.

While releasing the rules of engagement, the nine-member council told Ruto in no uncertain terms that they will not guarantee the safety of the Kenyan troops while in Haiti.

Even though the council committed to the deployment of a Multinational Security Support mission headed by Kenyan troops, it failed to express with certainty that the Haitian population would welcome the troops leaving the safety of the officers in danger.

In January, the Belgium-based International Crisis Group (ICG) warned that the troops will face insurmountable challenges once they land in Haiti.

The 1,000 officers set to be deployed will face internal sabotage from the Haitian Government. The report identified corruption between Haitian police, politicians and gangs reigning terror to the vulnerable populace. 

A former envoy from the United States had also cautioned the country that it needed to send over 20,000 troop members explaining that the 1,000 officers offered were way too low.

“The police are completely outnumbered and outgunned by the gangs.”

“Where are the prison facilities to put thousands of gang members? Is the international community suggesting that we kill thousands of lads?” ICG questioned.

Already, 200,000 citizens have fled the war-torn country with the gangs killing estimated 4,000 people and kidnapping 3,000 in 2023. 

Kenya is expected to be boosted by troops from Burundi, Chad, Senegal, Jamaica, and Belize in keeping peace in Haiti. 


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