Exposing MUCHIRI, one of the most corrupt traffic cops in Murang’a - He camps along Kangari - Kaharati Road every morning to collect bribes from matatus and Boda Boda riders (VIDEO).

Sunday, April 14, 2024 - A rogue traffic police officer stationed at Kigumo Police Station in Murang’a County has been exposed for collecting bribes from matatu drivers and boda-boda riders.

He camps along Kangari- Kaharati Road every morning to collect bribes.

He also frequents Kangari - Githumu Road to solicit bribes from motorists with un-roadworthy vehicles.

The corrupt traffic cop identified as, Muchiri, was captured on camera braving the chilly weather to collect daily bribes from matatu drivers and boda boda drivers plying the busy road.

In the video, the cop is seen flagging down a motorcycle that was carrying an excess passenger.

The rider and the passengers had no helmets.

The rider handed over a bribe to him before proceeding with the journey.

The rogue traffic police officer was not aware that he was being recorded.

EACC should move with speed and arrest him.

Watch the video.


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