DoorDash driver caught on video stealing cat during delivery

Monday, April 1, 2024
 – A DoorDash driver has been captured on video stealing a customer's cat during a delivery.

The house owner identified as Odwin made the claim in a video he shared online. In the video taken from a Ring cam, the food delivery person was spotted walking to the front porch.

He puts a bag of food and a drink he's also carrying down on the ground and quickly becomes distracted by a cat rolling up right next to him. The man in the video doesn't even think twice before picking up the cat and attempting to leave with it.

He then takes a photo of the food delivery with the cat in his arm, and he starts to back away. With the cat becoming uneasy, he puts it down and was seemingly ready to walk away from it. But a moment later, he swooped it back up again and leaves with feline.

Watch the video below

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