DONALD KIPKORIR urges the 4 KDF officers who were frogmarched by Kenya Police officers to Revenge by burning LODWAR Police Station.

Thursday, April 18, 2024 - Flamboyant Nairobi lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, has said Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) risks losing the respect they have been given by Kenyans if they don't revenge after four of their colleagues were beaten and frogmarched by police officers from Lodwar Police station.

The four officers reportedly stormed the station and surrounded it demanding the release of one of their colleagues who had earlier been arrested for allegedly disarming and assaulting a police officer manning a roadblock.

However, the four KDF officers were overpowered by Lodwar Police officers who beat them and frogmarched them outside their station.

Reacting to the humiliation of the KDF officers, Kipkorir said KDF must take revenge or lose the respect and honour they have been given by Kenyans.

The arrest of our KDF soldiers by Police in Turkana was an egregious act. Turkana is safe from marauding tribes of South Sudan, Uganda & Ethiopia courtesy of our KDF. 

"KDF should not let this insult go unanswered. Every Army in the world always protects its honour. KDF should raze to the ground Lodwar Police Station. 

"Not to revenge on this act will diminish the honour & respect of KDF,” Kipkorir wrote on his X( formerly Twitter).


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