CDF FRANCIS OGOLLA may already be in heaven as we are busy mourning him – See what he was planning to do for God tomorrow before his unfortunate death?

Saturday, April 20, 2024 – As Kenyans still come to terms with the tragic death of the Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla through a chopper crash, the spiritual side of the military has come to light.

This was revealed by a soldier and cleric at Kenya Defence Forces who indicated that Ogolla was set to grace a church he had helped build in his rural home.

“The news of his death does not sound real at all. 

"General Ogolla was so supportive of the church and even supported the revival of Military Christian Fellowship of Kenya activities after taking over as the CDF,” said an officer who sought anonymity.

The KDF officer described Ogolla as a humble leader who made everyone feel comfortable, even in spaces where they deemed themselves inferior.

"His Christian values were out there for everyone to see. 

"He was planning to preside over the opening of a church he helped build in his home this Sunday, and all the clerics in the forces had come together to support him and equip it with a pulpit.”

 "The clerics across the forces loved him, and we took it upon ourselves to support his church project when we found out he was doing something spiritual for his community. 

"After hearing the news of his death, I just cried because it was unbearable," said the cleric.

Other credible forces confirmed that Anglican Church of Kenya clerics were set to accompany Ogolla in his home and local church celebrations.


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