Carry your own cross! RUTO’s friend and LINTURI’s ex-wife MARIANNE KITANY throws her own brother under the bus after he was involved in fake fertilizer scandal

Thursday, April 18, 2024 – The ongoing probe into the fake fertilizer scandal that has rocked the country has taken an interesting twist.

This is after Aldai MP Marianne Kitany threw her own brother under the bus after it emerged that he was invoked in the fake fertilizer scandal.

Kitany's brother Collins Kipchumba had been mentioned as one of the individuals who duped poor farmers by supplying them with fake fertilizer.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Kitany, President William Ruto’s former Chief of Staff and estranged wife to Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi distanced herself from the fake fertilizer scandal, saying her brother should carry his own cross.

According to the first-time MP, she could not be prosecuted over crimes committed by her brother Kipchumba.

She added that it would be fair if her sibling was charged individually if indeed, he was implicated in the scam.

''Everybody to carry their own cross and not dragging people names in issues you know are actually your issues. My brother and I are two different people,'' Kitany said.

 According to her, the brother should be charged if he was involved in the fake fertiliser scandal with the Ministry of Agriculture officials.

''If he decided to go and sit down with the Ministry of Agriculture and do fraudulent issues, that is their problem. They should answer to the charges as we are all individuals and I'm not involved at all,'' she further stated.


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