Armed motorbike-riding thugs captured on CCTV attacking and robbing a lady in Nakuru as insecurity escalates in the area (VIDEO).

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - Residents of Nakuru are living in fear over a gang of motorbike-riding thugs who have been terrorizing them in broad daylight.

 The gang conducts criminal activities around Pipeline, Barnabas, and Free-Area estates.

They move in a motorbike while armed with crude weapons and accost unsuspecting residents, before robbing them.

 Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has shared a video of the 3-member gang robbing a lady in one of the estates in Nakuru.

In the footage, the victim is seen walking along a secluded road while holding a phone.

The gang riding on a motorbike follows her from behind.

Apparently, they had been trailing her without her knowledge.

One of the gang members quickly jumped off the motorbike and subdued her.

He was joined by his accomplice who was brandishing a dagger.

The hapless lady was forced to surrender.

The ruthless gang snatched her phone and left her in a state of shock and confusion before speeding away.

It is alleged that the gang has conducted several armed robberies in the area.

“A gang of thieves moving around in motorcycles has been terrorizing residents of Pipeline/Barnabas/Free-Area in Nakuru by snatching phones and stealing from people’s houses. Attached is a video footage that may aid in the identification process,” Nyakundi tweeted.

Watch the footage.

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